The Art of An Urban Retreat

I’ve been thinking a lot about this because it’s really what I have been moving towards for a long time.  But there isn’t much to glean from in our modern, western world. Growing up, I spent many summers with my family in the rural countryside of Northern Italy. I remember the pace to be different. There was time built in for sitting down to eat a meal that had been freshly prepared which meant that there was time to shop and cook. This was an absolute given. Often the work day completed at a reasonable time so that people were free to enjoy life outside of business. Of course, computers and social media apps were not at all present (dating myself here), for the good and the bad and so eyes on a screen was not to found.  I think you’re getting the idea, my point being, how do I not only support myself and my family on the various fronts AND also live a life that has freedom and space so that I do not feel these constructs of patriarchy that I have just followed into for so many years knowing that this has never worked well? What needs to be different? How do I want it to look? Where is my time best spent? What is my vision?

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Cultivating the Collective Heart through the Practices of Yoga & Ayurveda

in practicing these codes of living, there are many qualities that have manifested. I think the one that holds the greatest impact in my heart is regarding my understanding of the collective consciousness. Acharya Shunya wrote a poignant article some years back titled “Decoding the Ancient Dharma Teaching of Ayurveda” which goes into great detail about the collective, some of which is summed up beautifully with this:
”Ayurveda conceives a dynamic model of this universe wherein all objects, beings, events, phenomena, and experiences are vitally interconnected. According to Āyurveda, when we humans choose to discard truthfulness, modesty and righteousness (dharma), we agitate not only our immediate sphere of influence but the entire cosmos.

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Eclipses and the Subtle Arts of Inner Wisdom

I have come to learn that during the halo of Eclipse times in particular, I can feel a very certain and powerful energy. Since we have a solar eclipse on the new moon coming on July 2 at 12:16pm PST, I am readying myself. And I am feeling all the feels. Usually eclipses resonate in me with uneasy and anxious qualities. I have learned that during this time, it is wise action to spend time going inward. Often in our modern, fast-paced world full of so much, there can be a tendency to do the opposite. So instead of going in, we go out. Out to the social media paths and the places that actually fuel more fire and anxiety. While I am not suggesting that we turn away from the important daily work of our path’s dharmic heart and right action, I do believe that during cycles of change it is a very good idea to take pause. I believe that the messages from the shadow planets and phenomenons are requesting that of us. They show up delivering the messages of dark, inner work. And in the dark, if we stay there, we begin to develop Sight. That inner sight becomes insight which can then guide us to very important action that might otherwise go unnoticed in the busy and frenetic pace of today.

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Discomfort & Grief and other Wisdom Teachers

There wasn’t a day that went by that didn’t feel all the feelings. Discomfort became a familiar companion. Grief has such a unique way of showing up. For me I knew I needed to give myself time in the pain and sadness AND I also wanted to get out of it! The practices I had come to rely on most in my daily life for good health and balance were not working for me. Sitting still and being quiet and working with the breath were completely inaccessible. But having had a long time practice and the good fortune to be around others who do as well, were good reminders. I decided to stay close to my Faith, and stay with it. Stay with the discomfort. Breath here. Stay here. Do not run away here. And, sure enough, over time, I begin to learn many things about discomfort. I worked with my friend Kerry who guided me through lessons of learning from the great wisdom teachers of grief. They paraded through my life with such authenticity and integrity, I was in awe. I didn’t understand their language at first, so they called me closer. They had a lot to say. They showed me how to be in discomfort in this particular way. They invited me to sit near still, dark water and listen. When I did I saw amazing things. I saw into the depths of the Earth with my reflection cast with such a soft, quiet glow. I saw life beginning to form all around me and a flourishing eco system alive and well. I saw quiet, in form and flavor. It was spectacular. And Grief said “yes, indeed”.

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Ayurveda and The Healing Art of Touch

I layed down on the massage table, ready for my treatment. Regularly, with ritual gaze, I found my way to the quiet arms of my dear friend and massage practitioner, Monicka. My mom had died and I really didn’t know what to do. My spirit was still scrolling the heavens, not ready to leave her side, but my body and mind told me it was time to work with the pain and the grief on this plane. And so, often, I showed up to the table to receive massage, compassionate care through the vital organ of the skin. Mostly, I cried while she worked on me. But I would always tell her to keep going, it was part of this process. Her strength and compassion to hold this tender space meant the world to me. I will be grateful forever.


                                            >>>Body/mind/spirit alchemy<<<


This exchange was/is medicine. Just like the medicine of  a mama-bear embrace from a long time friend or the sweet snuggles from our honored pets, loving touch vibrates through the many layers of the skin into the deepest places. These places are the dwellings of tactile sensation and unresolved emotion and an important part of 5 sense therapy, hormonal balance and nervous system support.  

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Musings in the Art & Science of Aromatics

I reached into the hearth with my forged iron fork, scooped up a hot coal and placed it on the crushed garnet nest. A selection of resins neatly placed to my right, waiting.  I quietly asked  “What will it be today? What is needed today? “ With clarity and grace, the vulva shaped Frankinscence offered and I smiled following the lead.  The shape really matters for this work… Of course, the shape really matters..

As the air began to fill with the rich invitation of a shift, I sat back and took a breath. My breath reminds me that she’s here to do the work and she knows just what to do. MY work is to stay close, which is no easy task. But Frankinscence helps me and lays out a beautiful blanket that is easy to quiet into. And this is how the dance began, the dance of offering into the sensual body: nourishing myself, calming the nervous system and regulating hormones

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Reflections of Menopause & Ayurveda

This time of life can be powerful and insightful and full of wise action. A feeling of increased synergy and connection to ourselves and others can be fruitful ground of an inspiring life ahead. In many cultures, women step into the respected role of teacher when bleeding ends, as this energy can be retained and harnessed in a very different way. The collected life stories and understanding make for an important backdrop and maturity to guide and lead generations to come.

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The Art & Science of 5 Sense Therapies

5 Sense Therapies, called Tan Mantra Chikitsa in Sanskrit, the language of Yoga and Ayurveda, is a collection of subtle treatments and practices designed to re-balance, harmonize and attune through the sense body. Time and care is given in a detailed one on one conversation with each client. And, as I get to know you, I begin to discearn how these treatments might best support you. Each one of us is very unique and special, our very own artistic creation, and so it makes sense that each treatment is unique and created with you and your own balance in mind. Through the sense body of eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin and the senses of hearing, touch, vision, taste and smell, attention is offered and time and care are extended. This is a very different action than is often received, as our senses often give. They give without asking for anything in return. And, as a result, are often depleted. So, it makes sense and follows suit that if our senses are depleted, there are probably other parts of us feeling that depletion too. But with 5 senses therapies, and the support of  good health and wellness, change can happen. That deeper care and gentle reset can be an important step towards bigger shift in life and in health.

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As a long time student of art & design, energetics and the ancient wisdom tradition of Ayurveda, I have begun to play with these concepts, ideas and questions and have been so inspired. As a result I have created this offering called HeartSpace. HeartSpace is the meeting place of creativity, inspiration, connection, prayer and practice.  HeartSpace shows up in many ways and many actions to support you and your occasion through the sense body. Whether a birthday for yourself or a special person, a wedding night, a unique occasion or a regular day, HeartSpace will work her magic and help create and define your experience.

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