Ayurveda, Danielle Hanna, Portland, Oregon

Danielle Hanna M.A., CAP

I love languages, cultures, timeless wisdom backed by age old scripture, art in its many, many forms, slow, quiet breathing, experimenting, meditating, great community,  nature, laughing, taking chances, pure, from the heart cuz that’s all I got Faith and LOVE. And when I met Ayurveda and realized there was a science and practice for all of this love, I was STRUCK. For the first time for me, all of my passions, interests and sincere beliefs had a vehicle, a masterpiece, a complete practice and study: the age old, time honored, wise, completely sensical, Ayurveda.

I am a forever student. I believe this to be one of my core oaths. As such, I think I will always be in “school”. I hold my Masters of Arts in Ayurveda from the beautiful community in the Watsonville, CA, the Mt. Madonna Institute. I have had the good fortune to receive sincere training there by amazing teachers, for which I am eternally inspired and grateful. I completed my Ayurvedic Practitioner Certification there as well.

Yoga, the sister Science of Ayurveda is of particular interest to me, too. I have done my Yoga Teacher Trainings, both 200hour and 500hour at the Bhaktishop Yoga Center. The Bhaktishop is my second home and a place where my heart and breath soar.

Additionally, I have spent many years in study exploring the energetics of Nature, the natural environment and the profound affects on our mind, body and spirit. From flower essences, mineral and rock kingdom and the allies that have been the building blocks of the Earth and the Heavens, working with these wisdom teachers has become an important aspect of my practice.