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About My Office, Rose

Join me tucked into the little urban shed & garden of my practice, we call her Rose.

Rose is the intentional space and environment I have created (and continue to create) to help support the way I offer and show up for my practice. Rose was built with many healing stones and gems placed into her walls along with poetry inscribed under her painted interior from mystics that support health, wellness and balance in mind, body & spirit.

She is a place of thoughtful healing created by many of the lessons and ideas I have learned from not only the ancient holistic healing of Ayurveda but also from my years of practice in cultivating spaces for people. I often half joke and say “Rose knows…!”, but really it’s not a joke at all, Rose does know. She brings depth, vast support and an earthly underpinning to my practice, reminds me to be creative and to always look beyond the mundane. She lives and breaths.

Outside, a little garden of medicinal plants and trees are living and growing., along with a small fountain and bowls of water.  There are also little “prayer piles” as I like to call them that are placed around to acknowledge symbology and forces that are so much greater than form, but can offer a place of focus and pause. These “prayer piles” are here to honor great wisdom traditions and from my perspective serve as a offering of unity. All the Elements are present here, we welcome and hold the forces with the greatest reverence and care.

 I am very thankful for Rose and her garden delight. To me, she is every bit a living consciousness and is treated as such.

We look forward to welcoming you,

In heart & health,




My office is next to my home in the N Tabor/Montavilla neighborhood. Once you arrive, my office is next to the white house. You will walk up the driveway to the little pink shed in back. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Please give me, at the least, 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment. Late cancellations will be charged the full amount. Thank you for your consideration of this, I do appreciate it.

I will do my best to return phone calls, emails and texts within 48 hours (unless I am traveling). If you do not hear from me within this time period, please do resend. Computers/phones do have a way of finding the black hole at times.


Thank you for putting your trust and care, as well as resources in me and the art of Ayurveda. I am happy to work with you and spread your payment over the 3 sessions if that feels most sustainable for you. Please plan to pay 50% after your first session and the remainder can be split to your liking. I accept cash, checks, Venmo as well as the cards that use Square. Most sincerely in heart and health, Danielle