Ayurveda offerings to align, attune and support you in a modern world.


Life can bring about a lot of change. You may find yourself needing some adjustment and re-direction of daily practices and energy. Ayurveda offers these practices and treatments, working with your unique qualities to best align, attune and support you in a modern world that is so full of hustle and bustle.

It takes time to get to know you. Working together to develop routine and ritual that work well and will last is an evolution that may refine and adjust seasonally, time of life and even time of day. With this in mind, consider the packages below.


Urban Retreat

Ayurveda, Danielle Hanna, Portland, Oregon

Rose Knows: A Half Day Retreat Experience for your Whole Self

Your experience starts with a little bit of time talking. This gives me a chance to get to know you so that I can create and formulate for you specifically. I practice the tenets of the ancient healing wisdom of Ayurveda. Ayurveda says we are all very unique and so treatments, oils, aromas and herbs should be fully tailored to you and your specific nature.  After some time in conversation, we will begin treatments.

*A prepared  flower foot bath is offered. This is a chance to let your feet soak, to feel the senses help support the process of ease and cultivate rest. Visually beautiful as well, this bath will be filled with flowers, herbs, tree parts and smells to support you both seasonally and constitutionally.

Why the feet? We start with the feet for many reasons.  First, the feet direct us into action, this is where we literally move from. Starting here sets the tone and asks you to walk into your experience. Walk into your experience of being cared for and nourished. Second, the feet are considered an important point of release. There are thousands of nerve endings in the feet, beginning here is our way of beginning the dance and call into the rest and rejuvenation of this offering. 

*After the  flower foot bath, I will begin the practice of Marma Point Therapy on your feet and then to your head.

Marma Therapy is the ancient energetic practice of pressing on points that help to release stagnant or desonant energy. Similar to reflexology or acupressure, this practice is an invitation into the deeper dimensions of mind/body/spirit healing. I will often use tuning forks that are gem tipped to help.  This massage and gentle practice works to increase vitality and calm and nourish. 

*After this enjoy a little rest on the table while I prepare the warmed herbal oils for shirodhara. Shirodhara is the incredibly rich treatment of streaming warmed oil over your forehead, centering to the third eye. It is nourishing and supportive in a way that is like no other.

This treatment fosters a deepening and calming meant to support repatterning of the mind. After, I encourage you to rest for a bit on the table before a light seasonal snack and tea are served for you to enjoy either in the sweet fold of Rose (the name of my office) or perhaps sit outside to listen to birds, the fountain, the sounds around you and enjoy the plants and objects meant to hold your experience. 

This offering has been lovingly cultivated with the practices of Ayurveda in mind. I hope you will enjoy your time in the urban nest I have prepared. 

To learn more check out this blog post.

Please allow 3 ½-4 hours of uninterrupted time.

The experience: $450

What an amazing, nurturing experience! Customized to meet my needs, this half-day retreat was a golden opportunity to slow down, to connect with myself and to heal deeply. Danielle offers her Ayurvedic expertise, compassionate listening and warmth to gift a unique and valuable experience that rejuvenated my spirits. I felt cared for, relaxed and transformed after this delightful retreat!
— Elizabeth



Nourish Your Senses

In our busy, modern world, our sensual body works hard:

• The eyes are taking in screens, color, faces, signs and screens.

• The ears hear urban sounds, many voices and tunes. 

• The nose smells the flavors of the day- from cooking spices to smoke and environmental toxins. 

• The mouth, sustaining our bodies, offers voice on demand, the initial stages of digestion, varied tastes and textures and the draw of liquid

• The skin feels and protects-from environmental toxins to warm embraces~the sweetness of fragranced oils or the roughing of a shell that has been pushed beyond limit. 

But how often do we offer back? How often do we fuel and nourish the senses in a way that replenishes, hydrates and supports?  And why is this important?

It is believed that the sense body informs our perception which creates our reality. So, by caring for the the sensual self with practices: oils, sacred healing waters, flowers, tuned sound, herbal decoctions, purifying smokes and other elementals, the body experiences a deepened guidance of harmony and resilience.

A sensual happening chosen to support the health and wellness of the whole body: mind, body, spirit. 

We will start with a 2 hour consultation which includes time talking about your current and past health, daily habits and some assessments using pulse, tongue, nails and the body~all part of a physical and energetic gathering of information. Additionally, we will spend some time and attention on goals and aspirations. You will leave with some recommendations to work with at home including, but not limited to: food and lifestyle choices suggested to support your overall health and wellness. 

This session will be followed up with 2 more meetings, each 1.5 hours in length which will include 5 sense therapy treatments. All chosen and offered with you and your health and wellness in mind. You are a unique individual, practices and treatments should be too.

I invite you to experience continued health and healing through the nuanced poetry of 5 sense therapies.  I offer these practices and hold them dear. They are cultivated through my commitment to a life that radiates love and support through crafted artistry and skilled understanding. Calling in the “Science of Life” through mind, body and spirit and the inherent pathways of health is a honor and pleasure. I look forward to sharing time together. 

To learn more check out this blog post.

Package includes:

(1) 2 hour intake session

(2) 1.5 hour sessions

3 payments of $150

This goes beyond self-care for me. Why haven’t I taken the time to do this before? Thank you!
— Hilary F



Custom Ayurveda

For those of you who would like to commit to working together over a short period time, usually 3-4 months:

We will spend three sessions together. The first, our initial consultation, will last up to 2 hours. We will look at current diet and lifestyle patterns, dip into your health history, do some physical assessments like pulse taking and tongue observation and begin to get to know each other.

From this we will develop a plan that may include diet and lifestyle recommendations, an herbal formula or two, perhaps some bodywork recommendations, exercise and Yoga (including Pranayama or breath work) and energy work(such as marma therapy, tuning fork and sound healing or other intuitive healing) tailored to fit your time and lifestyle. 

We will meet two more times, about a month apart, to refine and support your health in an Ayurvedically conscious way.

These three sessions really allow for you to get to know Ayurveda and it’s role in your life. Through practicing and meeting together, we will create a healthy, well-balanced practice.

Package includes:

(1) 2 hour intake session

(2) 1.5 hour sessions

3 payments of $150

Danielle, as both a healer and an artist, weaves her healing into her artistry and vice versa.
— J.S.

Ayurveda Online

Ayurveda online

Ayurveda Online

Would you like to work together but live out of town? Through the modern techno-world of Zoom, we can easily do this. 

Holistic health is wise. Tending to all our bodies: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual is a core tenet of Ayurvedic medicine. When all are in alignment we may feel stable, clear, harmonized and have energy to show up. Out of balance and tendencies towards fear, anxiety, worry, depression, anger, fogginess and low energy may rule our lives. Ayurveda offers practices and habits that are very helpful in balance and stability of these bodies. Working together over a period of time can really help support you and the changes needed to feel more in line with your truest self. 

With this in mind, please consider meeting through the art & science of technology and the Zoom platform.

Our package includes three sessions together. The first session will be 90 min long. During our time we will discuss your interests and goals and spend some time talking about your health history and your current daily eating and lifestyle habits.

We will follow up with (two) 60 minute sessions, probably about a month apart to give you time to practice and integrate the recommendations given along the way. 

Recommendations will be offered with each session and may include: food and lifestyle, breathing and asana practices, meditation and exercise, oils, herbs, flower essences, stones and other ways Ayurveda works in holistic health weaving mind, body and spirit. I look forward to working with you.

Package includes:

(1) 90 minute intake session via Zoom

(2) 60 minute sessions via Zoom

$350, please pay in full at time of booking first appointment, thank you!

I will send you a Zoom invitation shortly after booking with details of our meeting online. If you would prefer to meet through FaceTime, do let me know.



For those who are interested in an introduction to Ayurveda. We will meet for 2 hours and discuss some of your health history and initial goals.

In addition to this, I will do some assessment of pulse and tongue, as well as an energetic check in. We will close our time together with some recommendations that will support your practices toward greater balance and harmony.

Package includes:

(1) 2 hour intake session


Follow Up

This is a follow up appointment for existing clients where we will fine tune our work together.

Package includes:

(1) 75 minute follow up session





Sacred Heartspace

The power of intention is strong.  What happens when a space is cultivated with a deep sense of intention and with attunement and awareness towards the intimate connections in life?  This is where “Heart Space” was born.

“Heart Space” is the meeting place of daily life and intimate source, a sacred space to deepen and rest~to fuse mind, body and spirit. 

She was conceived through my years of practice as a healer and my long standing relationship with beauty of form and place.  Attuning the senses in a deep & nourishing way, in the privacy of your home or the environment of your choosing, experience space that is set and prepared with the poetry of cultivating intimacy and sensual connection. There are many channels towards creating a space that is held with intimacy, intention and various pathways of the heart.

We will meet first to spend a little time together and talk about your intentions, wishes and wants. And then, on the decided date, I will show up with carefully selected alleys of support to create your “Heart Space” cultivated with creative and intuitive practices .  I just ask for privacy and quiet to do this tender, caring work creating unique space in such a way that holds a very special vibration. 

Whether you would like your “Heart Space” for a special marked event like a wedding or magical unioned night, a birthday or unique event OR maybe it is for the honoring of  you, just because,  “Heart Space” will meet you there: in the quiet and creative edges of form and Grace. 

To learn more check out this blog post.

The experience: $599

Payment plans available upon request.

As soon as we opened the bedroom door, our breath was taken away with the love, intention, and utter beauty that was found. We were overjoyed and giddy, walking around the room, unwrapping the magic. It’s hard to put into words, but the only thing we can compare it to is being children on Christmas, opening each gift with excitement and awe. We were amazed by the detail, thought and love that Danielle put into every bit of it. We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect end to our big day.
— J.S.