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The Art of An Urban Retreat

I’ve been thinking a lot about this because it’s really what I have been moving towards for a long time.  But there isn’t much to glean from in our modern, western world. Growing up, I spent many summers with my family in the rural countryside of Northern Italy. I remember the pace to be different. There was time built in for sitting down to eat a meal that had been freshly prepared which meant that there was time to shop and cook. This was an absolute given. Often the work day completed at a reasonable time so that people were free to enjoy life outside of business. Of course, computers and social media apps were not at all present (dating myself here), for the good and the bad and so eyes on a screen was not to found.  I think you’re getting the idea, my point being, how do I not only support myself and my family on the various fronts AND also live a life that has freedom and space so that I do not feel these constructs of patriarchy that I have just followed into for so many years knowing that this has never worked well? What needs to be different? How do I want it to look? Where is my time best spent? What is my vision?

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