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Discomfort & Grief and other Wisdom Teachers

There wasn’t a day that went by that didn’t feel all the feelings. Discomfort became a familiar companion. Grief has such a unique way of showing up. For me I knew I needed to give myself time in the pain and sadness AND I also wanted to get out of it! The practices I had come to rely on most in my daily life for good health and balance were not working for me. Sitting still and being quiet and working with the breath were completely inaccessible. But having had a long time practice and the good fortune to be around others who do as well, were good reminders. I decided to stay close to my Faith, and stay with it. Stay with the discomfort. Breath here. Stay here. Do not run away here. And, sure enough, over time, I begin to learn many things about discomfort. I worked with my friend Kerry who guided me through lessons of learning from the great wisdom teachers of grief. They paraded through my life with such authenticity and integrity, I was in awe. I didn’t understand their language at first, so they called me closer. They had a lot to say. They showed me how to be in discomfort in this particular way. They invited me to sit near still, dark water and listen. When I did I saw amazing things. I saw into the depths of the Earth with my reflection cast with such a soft, quiet glow. I saw life beginning to form all around me and a flourishing eco system alive and well. I saw quiet, in form and flavor. It was spectacular. And Grief said “yes, indeed”.

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