Eclipses and the Subtle Arts of Inner Wisdom


I am a student of the subtle. The more time I spend in my practice and my work, the more I am learning to pay attention to the signs and shifts inside my body. They guide me through a lot. From the relationships I am in to the way I relate out in the world. Learning to listen to my inner self has been life affirming.

This was not always the case. Just 12 years ago I was walking with a group of women and listening to the most amazing conversation. These women knew their bodies so well. They knew such highly nuanced information that had me thinking “OH MY GOSH!! I do not know this! I mean, I do not know this at all!” Even though I had a long time yoga practice, this level of awareness and understanding had not been revealed to me yet. My life, at that time, was filled with all things family. I could tell you what my kids had to eat three weeks prior and probably every meal since along with lots of other pertinent information. But, no, I could not identify or articulate these amazing insights. So, I started paying more attention, deepening into the more quiet and subtle parts of my practice and as my kids grew and time become more available, my inner worlds grew too. Learning to listen to my internal body is an on-going and radical practice of self care and self worth that I will be forever in honor and gratitude of.

One of the things I have found very interesting over the years is how I feel inside around different planetary cycles. For example, the full moon rises inside me like a burgeoning orb. She excites and enlivens me in a way that has her own language. She says to my body “ oh dear one…tonight…tonight, you will lay awake with me and we will dance into the swirl of your deepest self. I will light the way and give you the gift of electricity to run through your body and so you can dance with me. Dance with me all night!”. This has led me to recognize the many shifts in our changing sky and the way my bodies feels have significant and impactful connections. And so, the other day, with full fanfare and regalia, I starting noticing these familiar companions beginning to well inside me. There is usually some dessonance, like a vibration that is searching for its source and often a sense of discomfort coupled with a wirey sensation that I have come to understand is how I express anxiety. The combination of these qualities is almost always associated with the planetary shifts, especially those aligned with shadow. While I am certainly no astrologer, I most certainly pay attention to both what is going on in the collective as well as in my own house. In Vedic tradition, it is essential to well-being and smart, right action. So it was of no surprise listening to what my body was already telling me these last few weeks.

I have come to learn that during the halo of Eclipse times in particular, I can feel a very certain and powerful energy. Since we have a solar eclipse on the new moon coming on July 2 at 12:16pm PST, I am readying myself. And I am feeling all the feels. Usually eclipses resonate in me with uneasy and anxious qualities. I have learned that during this time, it is wise action to spend time going inward. Often in our modern, fast-paced world full of so much, there can be a tendency to do the opposite. So instead of going in, we go out. Out to the social media paths and the places that actually fuel more fire and anxiety. While I am not suggesting that we turn away from the important daily work of our path’s dharmic heart and right action, I do believe that during cycles of change it is a very good idea to take pause. I believe that the messages from the shadow planets and phenomenons are requesting that of us. They show up delivering the messages of dark, inner work. And in the dark, if we stay there, we begin to develop Sight. That inner sight becomes insight which can then guide us to very important action that might otherwise go unnoticed in the busy and frenetic pace of today.

My teachers always advise that some planetary shifts are times to deepen our Sadhana. Sadhana is a Sanskrit term that has deep meaning. Simply put for now, Sadhana is the discipline of our spiritual practice. A time of dropping into the realms of InnerSelf, for purification and to help support concentration leading to more enlightened states which can bring about increased knowledge, understanding and peace. These practices have been the cornerstone of my life for many years and while I still and will always be a student practicing, they have been center to my own inner compass and the ground beneath me. I have also come to notice how impactful it is to sit in quiet practice during these shifts. It’s like the cosmos is saying “Here, here is a portal into your depths. We invite you to reach into your inner landscapes. We will show you the way, you just show up.” And when I do, I find it very helpful. I find my anxiety and dissonance begin to smooth out. I hear important and heart centered guidance that aligns me to a much greater picture, I feel connected and empowered and full of gratitude. I am always thankful that I trust my practice and the traditions that support my life, they save me over and over again.

Perhaps consider spending some extra time in quiet right now as we move into this eclipse. It does not have to be done in any formal way, in my opinion. Light a candle for gazing, color, draw or craft, be with the breath, journal or even just sit. There are so many ways to reach in and listen. You are wise and wonderful.

In heart & heath,


A very special thank you to my friend Heidi Weiss who is so wise and lovely on many fronts, especially those of the astrological nature.