The Art & Science of 5 Sense Therapies


Over the years my work has evolved to suit many pathways. While I often work to support folks in strong habits and practices of good health and wellness, I have found Ayurveda and my creative interests to come alive using methods and tools to align and attune the nervous system and hormonal balance.

Our modern world asks a lot of us. We are constantly in a state of moving and doing. And while there are many great aspects to a full and active life, the constant motion can really take a toll on emotional and mental health. In early stages, the recovery time can be easily managed. Perhaps a lazy day here or there, a juicy massage or a clean diet can be enough to keep us going. But as we age and as the pace of life continues to grow, these simple, occasional self care practices are often not  enough. As a result, the demands on the mind, body and spirit become greater than what the bodies can reasonably manage and imbalance begins.

Ayurveda follows a multi-stepped disease process, with many of the early stages easily re-routed towards health with simple diet and lifestyle habits, perhaps herbs and oils, some attuned and energetic bodywork and massage and a healthy willingness and discipline towards change. It is in this category that I find 5 sense therapies to be very useful. Both the energetic and physical body are highly motivated and interested  in health, it’s actually our natural state. So when the different bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) receive care, nourishment, restoration and attention the response is often very favorable. This is most noted in the shift of the nervous system, moving from a highly activated state of “fight or flight” (sympathetic) to the “rest and digest” mode (parasympathetic). When this change happens, the mind and body feel supported, nourished, rejuvenated and more harmonious AND often as a result, inflammation quiets, digestion strengthens and the hormonal body calibrates.

5 Sense Therapies, called Tan Mantra Chikitsa in Sanskrit, the language of Yoga and Ayurveda, is a collection of subtle treatments and practices designed to re-balance, harmonize and attune through the sense body. Time and care is given in a detailed one on one conversation with each client. And, as I get to know you, I begin to discern how these treatments might best support you.

Each one of us is very unique and special, our very own artistic creation, and so it makes sense that each treatment is unique and created with you and your own balance in mind. Through the sense body of eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin and the senses of hearing, touch, vision, taste and smell, attention is offered and time and care are extended. This is a very different action than is often received, as our senses often give. They give without asking for anything in return. And, as a result, are often depleted.

So, it makes sense and follows suit that if our senses are depleted, there are probably other parts of us feeling that depletion too. But with 5 senses therapies, and the support of  good health and wellness, change can happen. That deeper care and gentle reset can be an important step towards bigger shift in life and in health.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions about these treatments. They are dear and quite sincere to me.

In heart and health,




Danielle Hanna is not a licensed physician nor is Ayurveda licensed by the state.

In Ayurveda the emphasis is not only paced on disease but also maintaining the balance of the individual’s constitutional nature, so Ayurvedic treatments are never one size fits all, but custom tailored for each individual.

All content is for educational purposes only and should be considered or replaced with medical advise.

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