For  most of my young adult into adult life, I have been very interested in environments. Specifically,  how do spaces and places feel and what contributes to that feeling. For example, when I stand outside at the edge of a vast grassland prairie, I notice a shift happening: my breath evens, my body softens, my heart opens, my mind expands and then I begin to feel more calm and connected. Or, walking into a room that is still and sacred, with worn walls and treaded stairs, a place of intentional devotion, I feel this. My heart responds and my mind and body follow the lead. I have noticed this happening for years, in a variety of settings and a variety of ways. And while the majesty of the prairie grasslands is quite special and the space of  devotional prayer has it’s very own sacred vibration, I have been interested in knowing if it is possible to create space that can also hold this type of resonance, too.

What happens when we take a space and bring a certain intention, focus, heart and prayer in? Can the space feel this and then mirror it and hold it, just like a being?  Ancient wisdom traditions have long talked about the importance of prepared space as a means of good health and wellness AND as a way of therapeutic shift. Practices like Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra are wise traditions that guide the way an environment is presented and prepared with guidelines and philosophy that have been honored for thousands of years. So it makes so much sense to me that these spaces and places hold energy and can be honored as important allies of health and harmony.

As a long time student of art & design, energetics and the ancient wisdom tradition of Ayurveda, I have begun to play with these concepts, ideas and questions and have been so inspired. As a result I have created this offering called HeartSpace. HeartSpace is the meeting place of creativity, inspiration, connection, prayer and practice.  HeartSpace shows up in many ways and many actions to support you and your occasion through the sense body. Whether a birthday for yourself or a special person, a wedding night, a unique occasion or a regular day, HeartSpace will work her magic and help create and define your experience.

I am very grateful for this recent review from a client:

“As best as I can tell, Danielle is a modern day medicine woman. Her capacity to intuit is deeply informed by her yogi heart, making for a presence that is healing all by itself. When you combine that with her incredible aesthetic and years in design, what you get is beauty informed by love. She will transform your space into something from another dimension that will leave you feeling seen and celebrated in ways that will leave you feeling blessed for a long time to come.”



Danielle Hanna is not a licensed physician nor is Ayurveda licensed by the state.

In Ayurveda the emphasis is not only paced on disease but also maintaining the balance of the individual’s constitutional nature, so Ayurvedic treatments are never one size fits all, but custom tailored for each individual.

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